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The Bright Ring Navitimer was launched in 1952, using the design and movement of Bright Ring’s famous Chronomat chronograph. Since then, it has turned into a powerful aviation device. The Navitimer’s sliding bezel was designed to solve logarithmic calculations in flight, not only as a watch, but also as a wrist navigation computer for today’s pilots.

The first Fake breitling carried the “Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association” logo due to concerns of the aviation industry. Early navigators, such as the 806, used the Venus 178 movement. Brightring improved its marine clocks throughout the 1950s and 1960s, replacing the Venus 178 with the Barge 72 movement in 1954 and finally with the Barge 7740 movement in the late 1960s. With the Valjoux 7740, Navitimer achieved a new achievement: dating.

From the 1960s to the 1970s, the quartz watch had evolved from an experimental success to a large-scale commercial success. Then Brightling faced a crisis. We tried to adapt by offering the Quartz Navitimer and our own digital LCD display. But that wasn’t enough to save the watchmaker.

Brightling’s financial problems led to a change in ownership, as did the Navitimer. The watch resurfaced in the 1990s with the Balju 7750 movement and in 2003 with the ETA 2892.

Until 2009, the modern replica breitling Navitimer watches was entirely Breitling’s own watch. The 2009 Navitimer was the first Navitimer to feature the Bright Ring 01 movement, the in-house movement used in the current Navitimer watch collection.

To celebrate Navitimer’s long and interesting history, we’ve examined three of the most popular Navitimer models.
The Bright Ring Navitimer Chronograph A23322
Introduced in 2003, the Navitimer Chronograph A23322 is a classic bright ring Navitimer. With a 42mm case, stainless steel slide rule bezel and large dial, the Navitimer is a stylish watch that blends aviation and adventure.

The A23322 combines the tool watch functions of the original Navitimer with the latest available complications. Notable features include a 5 o’clock display window and a 42-hour power reserve. Water resistance up to 30 meters.

The latest Navitimer A23322 comes in three dial colors: black, white and blue. Most models also come with a unique 22mm Navitimer bracelet.