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Why do men always lack a Rolex?

I believe every man, wishes he could have a Rolex of his own.

Whenever I pass by a Rolex boutique, I can’t help but take a few extra glances.

But then I realised that I am not the only one who does this, but almost most men will look when they pass by there.

I have many male friends around me who often say to me.

Friend A: The prerequisite for marriage is to own a Rolex first.

Friend B: I never cared what I wore, or what shoes I wore, but the watch on my hand had to be a Rolex.

Friend C: I don’t want any other brand of watch since I have a Rolex.

Friend D: Men are just watches, belts, and lighters.


Many people ask me why I go to see it every time I pass by.

I answer this every time, it’s not a watch, it’s a work of art.

Because Rolex has its own unique brand culture and irreplaceability. Even if Patek Philippe were to set a few more diamonds, it could not replace Rolex’s position in the world of watchmaking.

In every Rolex, the blood of perfection, the ultimate, luxury runs through the veins. It is a fascination. Rolex has spent enough time and effort on research and development to build a rocket to send into space, yet they are willing to do nothing more than make a watch in obscurity.

Rolex, it’s a man’s romance.

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